7080GA Outdoor Shower

£1,299.95 ex VAT

The 7080GA is one of our leading model yacht showers, specifically created for the marine industry. The innovative folding hinge mechanism allows you to conveniently adjust or stow the shower with ease. It also has a rapid ‘plug-n-use’ installation, so you can start using your shower in a couple of minutes. With an optional carry bag accessory, you can safely store or easily transport your shower when not in use.

This floor-mounted shower delivers an intuitive, multi-way valve giving you complete control over jet power, and the hot and cold-water mix, ensuring the perfect temperature every time. This beautiful piece of Italian-made craftsmanship will allow you to shower in comfort whether you install it on your boat or beside your pool.

Owning a shower that can be easily removed for storage or convenience is perfect for many applications. Most showers are locked into place forever once they have been installed, but this does not apply to the 7080G folding showers from Fluid Steel. This model can be easily stored away during the winter months, so it remains in premium condition.

Customise Your 7080GA Shower

If you think that the features of the 7080GA boat or garden shower are attractive but you would like a customised version to match your outdoor or aquatic décor, then explore the options with our shower configurator. The 7080GA folding shower is available in chrome, copper, brass, and black and silver with carbon fibre. This model is highly durable and made of marine-grade materials that will hold up to exterior environmental conditions.

Whether you need a shower to clean off after a day in your garden or you need a free-standing shower on your boat to rinse away the sea water after swimming, the 7080GA is perfect for you.

  • Exterior grade folding shower with hot and cold water mixer
  • Diverter valve with solid brass hand shower (optional)
  • Can be folded for easy storage
  • Numerous finishes available
  • Available with EASY, EASY FLUSH or standard base socket
  • Optional carry bag also available

Download 3D File – 7080GA.00
Download 3D File – 7080GA.01

Build your own

Removable showers offer an added dimension in versatility. During the winter months, why not remove the shower and store in a clean environment to keep the shower looking tip-top? Or perhaps you have multiple locations where an outdoor shower could be used? Simply unplug the shower and position it elsewhere. The 7080GA folding shower is unique in the marketplace as it is able to fold in half when not in use. Being so simple and easy to store and carry means that the 7080GA can bring luxurious showering to any location.

The 7080GA model is bursting with unique features and characteristics and can truly be made your own by specifying any number of the options in our shower configurator.
Construction of the shower is entirely from marine-grade materials such as chrome plated brass, carbon fibre and 316 grade stainless steel. Customisable features include the type of shower head, whether a diverter and separate hand shower are required, the type of base socket and of course the finish.

Choose your base socket

Easy Base

EASY base socket with integral connectors and lid.  The shower makes a connection to the hot and cold water as soon as it is docked in the base socket.  Simply plumb the hot and cold water to the underside of the base.



Easy Flush Base

EASY FLUSH base socket with integral connectors, lid and lid key.  The shower makes a connection to the hot and cold water as soon as it is docked in the base socket.  Simply plumb the hot and cold water to the underside of the base.  The EASY FLUSH base socket has the added benefit of being completely flush with the installation surface.  The lid is opened with an elegant key solution.