Pop-up Outdoor Shower

The DO2017 is a great shower option if you are looking for a twist deck shower that can ensure the perfect temperature and water pressure with each use. This Italian-made unit is generally floor-mounted, though the showerhead of the DO2017 shower tucks away inside the handle for enhanced protection when it is not in use.

The DO2017 is also highly convenient to install and disassemble. Being compact, it can also be kept out of the way while you are using the space on your yacht, boat, or outdoor swimming pool for other purposes. It has an ultra-modern design that has been built to embody a perfect combination of functionality, style and durability.

Customise Your DO2017 Shower

While the base model of the DO2017 shower model offered by Fluid Steel is perfect for many different applications, you may have a more specific aesthetic in mind for what you need in a stainless outdoor shower. If you want to make sure that the DO2017 shower blends perfectly with the rest of your décor or with the ambience of your pool, then explore the options for customisability with our easy-to-use shower configurator.

The DO2017 also comes in either a matt aluminium or matt titanium finish. This allows you to make the best stylistic choice for the existing aesthetic on your yacht or regarding your outdoor pool.

If you are looking for the perfect compact stainless outdoor shower for your boat or garden, then explore this option today.

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The pop-up shower is installed below the chosen surface.  The shower is housed within a sleeve when in the fully closed position and quickly springs up in order to be pulled out simply by pressing the top of the shower head itself.  There is a choice of installation type with the option of a screw fit model from above or a hidden nut fastening below.  Both models are dimensionally identical.


matt aluminium, matt titanium