Column316 Outdoor Shower

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The Column316 outdoor shower is the ultimate freestanding shower.  Suitable for all environments, the shower is built to withstand the harshest of locations including coastal installation.  Thanks to its 316-grade stainless steel construction, the shower has an extremely high resistance against corrosion and is available in a polished or lightly brushed finish.

The shower features a separate in-ground fixing socket, providing it with a sturdy and secure installation method.

The ultimate outdoor shower column.  The 316-grade stainless steel fixed column solution is our premium freestanding outdoor shower.  Made from the best possible material for exterior application, this marine-grade shower is perfect for use in any outdoor environment including coastal locations.  Featuring a permanent in-ground fixing base, this shower is more suited to a land-based application where the shower does not need to be removed or stowed away.  The Column316 model has both an overhead rain shower and a hand-held wand shower with a diverter valve.  The innovative progressive mixer provides a simple and clutter-free method of controlling the water temperature.  Simply rotate the valve to begin the flow of water and continue to turn to increase the water temperature.  Designed with simplicity and longevity in mind, the clean form of the Column316 shower not only means the shower looks the part in almost any setting, it also provides nowhere for dirt and other deposits to sit meaning that the shower will continue to perform in the best possible condition.

316 Stainless Steel – Zero Compromise

316-grade stainless steel, also referred to as A4 stainless steel, is the ultimate material for an outdoor shower.  This grade of stainless steel is often referred to as marine-grade and is the same material used globally by shipyards.  We are able to offer both a polished and a lightly brushed finish.  316-grade stainless steel requires minimal maintenance, just the occasional wipe with fresh water is all that is required to keep the shower in good condition.

Secure In-ground Fixing

The Column316 model features a separate fixing base (sold separately).  This base socket is firstly secured into a concrete pad.  This can be firmly bolted in position.  The shower column then fixes securely to this base socket and ensures that the column remains firmly in place and wobble-free.  This fixing base is sold separately and can be found here.

 Broad Application

Column316 is the perfect choice for individuals looking for the finest outdoor shower product for their home and garden.  It is also a popular commercial solution for spa, hotel and cruise ship projects where a premium product is required.  The quality of materials and purity of design mean that the shower has a broad market appeal.


Column316 Dimensions

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Polished Stainless Steel, Brushed Stainless Steel

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