7085 Outdoor Shower

£920.41 ex VAT

The 7085 Outdoor Shower

As one of the best-selling models offered by Fluid Steel, the 7085 model is ideal for bringing a sleek, minimalist outdoor shower solution to your garden, yacht or swimming pool. This free-standing, floor-mounted shower comes complete two shower options – a main ‘rain fall’ shower head and adjustable handset shower.

The exterior-grade materials of the 7085 shower allow it to easily withstand the environmental demands placed on stainless outdoor showers. Like each of our models, the 7085 shower comes with a special Deckfin Treatment which ensures that all chrome components continue to look their best for years to come. Premium anti-corrosion materials also provide added protection from the elements.

For optimum convenience, the 7085 shower model is installed in seconds and just as easily removed using our innovative ‘plug-n-use’ fitting. The shower fits snugly in place into a Standard base, an EASY base, or an EASY FLUSH base socket. This portable shower is easy to maintain and versatile for effortless storage. Optional carry bag also available.

Customise Your 7085 Shower

While you may appreciate the features and Italian-made design of the 7085 shower, you may not find that our base offerings of this model suit the aesthetic needs of your pool, boat, or swimming pool. If this is the case, then explore our shower configurator to create the shower finish that is more suited to your aesthetic requirements.

The options for making the 7085 shower truly your own are endless. This model is available in chrome, copper, brass and black finishes. You can also take your pick of many different shower head designs.

If you are looking for a high-quality stainless outdoor shower for your garden, boat or swimming pool, the 7085 offers luxury at an affordable price.

  • Exterior grade shower with hot and cold water mixer
  • Diverter valve with solid brass hand shower (optional)
  • Adjustable hand shower bracket (supplied with hand shower)
  • Available with various shower head designs
  • Can be dismantled for easy storage
  • Numerous finishes available
  • Available with EASY, EASY FLUSH or standard base socket
  • Optional carry bag also available
Build your own

Removable showers offer an added dimension in versatility. During the winter months, why not remove the shower and store in a clean environment to keep the shower looking tip-top? Or perhaps you have multiple locations where an outdoor shower could be used? Simply unplug the shower and position it elsewhere. The 7085 model is bursting with unique features and characteristics. It can truly be made your own by specifying any number of the options in our shower configurator.

Construction of the shower is entirely from marine-grade materials such as chrome plated brass, carbon fibre and 316 grade stainless steel. Customisable features include the type of shower head, whether a diverter and separate hand shower are required, the type of base socket and of course the finish.


Choose your base socket

Easy Base

EASY base socket with integral connectors and lid.  The shower makes a connection to the hot and cold water as soon as it is docked in the base socket.  Simply plumb the hot and cold water to the underside of the base.

Easy Flush Base

EASY FLUSH base socket with integral connectors, lid and lid key.  The shower makes a connection to the hot and cold water as soon as it is docked in the base socket.  Simply plumb the hot and cold water to the underside of the base.  The EASY FLUSH base socket has the added benefit of being completely flush with the installation surface.  The lid is opened with an elegant key solution.