7090 Outdoor Shower

£264.43 ex VAT

The small but sleek 7090 shower model is ideal for those who want to save on space but still need easy access to a great shower. The contemporary Italian-made design is perfect for a variety of applications and the detachable wand showerhead is great for ensuring the ideal balance of comfort and convenience.

One of the key features of the 7090 shower is that it can be quickly and easily removed from the wall in a matter of seconds, allowing you to even store the shower when not in use, therefore protecting the product further from the elements.  As well as the option of removing for storage, the shower could also be used in a secondary position with the purchase of additional rapid connectors.

While the 7090 shower is not a free-standing unit, the wall mounting option still enables serious space-saving for your boat or poolside. With an easy to use hot and cold-water mixer, you can easily adjust to the perfect temperature and optimum water pressure.

Like the rest of the showers offered by Fluid Steel, you can be confident that the 7090 model shower will last for years. It is finished with a Deckfin Treatment to provide added protection for the unit’s chrome components. Anti-corrosion and marine-grade materials also work to ensure that your outdoor shower will continue to perform for many years to come.

Customise Your 7090 Shower

As our luxury base model, the 7090 shower is ideal for use with virtually any boat, garden, swimming pool or other outdoor purposes. However, if you want to ensure that the ultra-modern design blends well with the rest of your yacht or your garden, then you can explore our custom options in our shower configurator tool.

The 7090 model also comes either with a wand-style head or a large, durable ABS head. The wand is perfect for those who prefer a more precise band of water with their shower, while the large shower head is ideal for ensuring better coverage with more a more powerful jet.

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Build your own

Wand Style Head

The wand style shower head is made from solid brass.  It will stand the test of time, surviving in the worst conditions such as the harsh marine environment.  This simple and elegant design matches the tubular form of the shower itself.

 Shower Connection: 3/8″ BSP M

Operating Flow Rate: 2 – 5 bar

Large ABS Head

The large ABS shower head is perfect for those who want the best showering experience.  Thanks to the larger head, the water pattern from the shower has a greater spread than the brass wand head.  This shower is better suited to warmer climes or should be stored inside during the winter months. 

Shower Connection: 3/8″ BSP M

Operating Flow Rate: 2 – 5 bar