SP60 Deck Shower

£6,494.62 ex VAT

The SP60 shower is our top-of-the-range model that delivers a sleek and minimalist design. Perfect for your outdoor pool or garden, this shower is highly compact and features an elegant rotating head design making it easy and intuitive to use from any angle.

The Italian-made design is sure to fit with the aesthetic of most super-yachts and modern motorboats on the market today. The SP60’s cylindrical form also means it saves on space and makes it the ideal choice for your yacht, boat, pool or garden.

This shower is floor-mounted and free-standing but is easy to install or remove when finished, thanks to its easy ‘plug-n-use’ mounting mechanism. The advantage of being portable is that, during the cooler months or when yachting season is over, it is also easy to detach it from its base and keep it safely stowed in storage until you need it again.

In terms of durability, you can be confident in the highest standards that we uphold throughout our manufacturing process. The SP60, like the rest of the shower models offered by Fluid Steel, comes finishes with a Deckfin Treatment to ensure that the unit does not become corroded by the elements and that its chrome components continue to look their best indefinitely.

Customise Your SP60 Shower

While the base unit of the SP60 is visually appealing and highly functional, you likely have specific needs and requirements that you need to be addressed with your ideal stainless outdoor shower. For this purpose, Fluid Steel offers our online shower configurator tool for you to explore the customising options with each of our shower models. With some configuration, you can create a version of the SP60 that fits with the perfect shower for you.

The SP60 is available in chrome, copper, brass and black finishes. This variety is offered to ensure that all yacht and outdoor pool owners will be able to match it with the aesthetic of their yacht, boat, garden, or outdoor pool.

  • Exterior grade shower with hot and cold water mixer
  • Clean cylindrical form with rotating shower head
  • Numerous finishes available
  • Available with EASY, EASY FLUSH or standard base socket
  • Optional carry bag also available

Download 3D File

Build your own

Removable showers offer an added dimension in versatility. During the winter months, why not remove the shower and store in a clean environment to keep the shower looking tip-top? Or perhaps you have multiple locations where an outdoor shower could be used? Simply unplug the shower and position it elsewhere.

The SP60 model makes a dramatic statement. The large Ø60mm carbon fibre tube gives the shower a real sense of purpose and keeps the product very lightweight. The minimalist shower head solution, with an original swivel action, ensures that the clean form of the SP60 is retained when the shower is not in use.

Construction of the shower is entirely from marine-grade materials such as chrome plated brass, carbon fibre and 316 grade stainless steel. Customisable features include the type of base socket and the finish.